William and Kate’s Royal Honeymoon: The Promise Of The Seychelles Islands

Royal Kiss

Royal newlyweds Prince William and Kate are honeymooning on Descroches Island in the Seychelles and will also spend time on North Island.

The newly confirmed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are seeking privacy in the Seychelles which are popular with many celebrities: Bill Gates visited. Also Paul McCartney, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, David and Victoria Beckham have also stayed there. Former U.S. Presidents, sports stars, rock stars, artists, authors and captains of industry have succumbed to its charms.

A honeymoon that affords complete privacy will teach the royal couple much about their relationship: renewal, rejuvenation, relaxation, cooperation, creativity, adventure, risk taking, companionship, intimacy, tolerance, self-expression, passion, spirituality, commitment, patience, and focus. In addition to these themes, visiting a remote island can perhaps even fill a major void in their lives.

Their Seychelles honeymoon provides an intimate and romantic retreat getaway. It will be a window into the natural world and will be a defining element in the attainment of their dreams.

When the royal couple travels, they want simplicity to be a key goal. Overwhelming complexity must be avoided. And this is exactly what visitors can achieve at some of the villa resorts in the Seychelles.

The Seychelles is a country consisting of 115 islands located 932 miles east of Africa, and northeast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It is a magnificent place where tourists can explore rocky bluffs and cliffs above the sea with flights of birds and unbroken views to the ocean. The sound of the waves provides a continual mental massage. Seychelles has everything that one could need for a relaxing stay in one of the most breathtaking settings known to man or woman.

The coast is, in fact, an observation deck for the greatest show on earth. Giant Tortoises, exotic orchids, parakeets and parrots hover above, soaring colonies of seabirds ride the air currents along the coastline, crabs and reptiles live among the rocks, hummingbirds whiz through flowers, and whales explore the waters. In the evening there are sunsets, the moon and the stars.

Will and Kate will enjoy taking private late afternoon strolls along the coast. They will smell the salt air, feel the spray from the waves, and watch the ocean crash dramatically into rocks.


At night, the royal couple will be amazed by the heavens, as they have never seen them before. There will be so many stars; they will have had a hard time finding their way throughout the universe. The sky here is a magnificent place to watch for shooting flairs within the Milky Way.

The Seychelles has miles of coastline with long beaches. There are also hotels, galleries and restaurants to explore. Recreational activities like biking, hiking, boogie boarding, surfing, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking are abundant and give tourists a flavor of island lifestyle.

The world of the royal family involves riveting stories coupled with interweaving themes such as ambition, illness, tragedy, revenge, retribution, disappointment, self-preservation, expectations, greed, and triumph, which can mesmerize and traumatize family members. The result is that their vitality and endurance can sputter to a mere trickle. Many royal members have very stressful lives. That feeling of being tired and frustrated is no longer an excuse for inaction.

Taking a getaway to a Seychelles Island resort is a clear-cut prescription for dealing with anxiety, pressure and stress in a resourceful manner. Rest, rejuvenation and relaxation are essential ingredients to the smooth running of a body, mind and spirit, whether royal or non-royal.

The owner of a relaxed property in a convenient Seychelles location, illustrates his mastery of replenishment. “People tell us this place is like a sanctuary. It is unplugged,” he remarks, “You can’t get cell phone service. People feel like they are really getting away from the hustle and bustle of life.”

It is important to look at the consequences of a stressful celebrity lifestyle. In most cases, no matter what the symptoms may be such as depression, irritability, discomfort, boredom, emotional distress, frustration, anger, helplessness, and so forth, there is often one common denominator, most sufferers lose physical energy that results in fatigue. A resort owner in the Seychelles explains, “We have repeat guests who work in the entertainment industry and work non-stop.” He continues, “They come here regularly and spend 7-10 days. They say staying here is the one thing that helps renew their sanity. They are recharged so they can go back and face their high profile profession.”

Kate and William agree that the Seychelles is a place that can renew, restore and rejuvenate one’s mind, body, and spirit. They are a couple that works hard at overcoming stress. Their trip to the Seychelles helps them focus on how to receive the greatest amount of physical exercise and relaxation. At their local resort, the emphasis is on pampering and opportunities to engage in sports and activities. Specific amenities and suggestions emanate from local resort owners, who have learned to positively organize a satisfying vacation.

RESORT: It goes without saying that the grounds and facilities of Will and Kate’s island resort are easy on the eyes, and a relaxing atmosphere is evident throughout the property. More importantly, the service is considered warm, welcoming, and impeccable overall.

Upon arrival, the host will familiarize the royal couple with the property, and escorts them to their villa. The host explains the meal routine, other particulars and activities available on the island. The resort is accommodating to anyone who has special dietary requests or food allergies.

The Seychelles Islands is recommended to anyone who wants a good dose of serenity. Will and Kate’s resort is tucked away in a quiet, secluded area within a tropical setting. It is a place where they can spend easy times in good conversation with each other.

SUMMARY: Resort rooms have¬†sitting areas, and private baths, usually with large whirlpool tubs. The resort’s common areas feature decorative pieces, unique architectural details, local artworks, exotic plants and paintings by local artists. The location gives the royal couple a sense of privacy, space and romance. From the property, amazing star filled heavens can be viewed. They can also see beautiful mountains in the distance. This along with great service makes for a delightful honeymoon experience.

ROOMS: In addition to the comfort, the rooms are immaculately clean, each uniquely decorated with tasteful decor and furniture. Wide porches are furnished with relaxing chairs and have spectacular views. The property has WiFi, robes, and locally made toiletries.

SERVICE: Great service with a warm smile. The hosts are well known for their genuine hospitality. The staff is knowledgeable and provides efficient service to their guests.

LOCATION: The location is flawless for Will and Kate, who want to get away and feel removed from everyday anxiety and stress. Yet it is close enough to town to enjoy shopping, restaurants, galleries, and local culture. The resort provides an incomparable sense of comfort. The Seychelles Islands are a perfect area to ride bikes, hike or walk.

CLEANLINESS: The resort is known to be spotless, especially the guestrooms. Natural plantings, and flowerbeds are dispersed throughout the property and are beautifully maintained. Overall everything, including the town, is quite picturesque.

Seychelles Sunset

The resort provides a sense of island elegance, comfort and warmth. The rooms are designed to make guests feel relaxed, and comfortable. The personal attention makes the difference. The royal couple appreciates being asked if they are comfortable. The hosts are enormously helpful without being intrusive.