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Connie J. Good is an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author who has contributed as a marketing executive and global meeting planner for organizations. As a sales consultant, she has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. She trains and motivates executives at every level within organizations, and her skilled communication style not only empowers but also changes the way people think about and achieve success.


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Have you ever had a time when you knew what you wanted in life but did not know how to get it? Did you know what you wanted and how to get it but could not stick to the strategy you outlined? Do you have an uncomfortable feeling that your life could be far better but you don’t know what this “better life” looks like? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, I invite you to contact me to talk about your level of satisfaction in these key areas of your life. My job is to help clients reach their highest good for their highest purpose. I offer private counseling and telephone sessions.  (Fees are based on a number of factors including: schedule, time demand, length of arrangement, location of client and other criteria. For the most current fee, please contact C.J. Good.)


As a keynote speaker Connie J. Good pulls the audience in and never lets go. She is tremendously witty.  A masterful humorist, her insight into human behavior deepens our understanding of ourselves, even as we laugh out loud. Every once in a while a speaker comes along that connects to you as if they were your soul mate. (Speaker fees are based on a number of factors including: speakers schedule, supply and demand, length of presentation, location of event and other criteria. For the most current fee, please contact C.J. Good.)