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Find Contentment: Thailand Floating Hotel

posted May 17, 2011, 1:14 PM by Connie Good   [ updated May 19, 2011, 6:49 PM ]


Dear Friends and Readers:  On those afternoons when we've had just about enough of endless meetings, and office personalities, perhaps we should consider taking an exotic getaway to the River Kwai Jungle Rafts in Thailand. The River Kwai Jungle region conjures up unique tastes, scents, and sights of places we never even knew existed.The destination plays out like an emporium for the senses; fresh bursts of neon red flowers and spicy foods, the strong smell of moving water, the slippery film of fish simmering in woks. Visitors marvel at the panorama of lush jungles and green mountains surrounding them.

When the appetite for food and adventure is stimulated, this area is sure to rouse us from our boring reverie. Just when we feel that we may never experience life outside our cubicle again, this trip will remind us that's it's an interesting and stimulating world out there—go for it!

The River Kwai Jungle Rafts, Thailand,have been floating since 1976. They are in a location that transcends the ordinary. There are many events and activities in the area including elephant rides; visits to caves, waterfalls, fishing, hiking, and bird watching. Guests can experience boating, canoeing and rafting. Mon village, Mon Temple and Hellfire pass are not to be missed. Traditional Mon dancers, enveloped in dazzling fabrics, move their bodies during local performances. You tend to notice their elegant hands, which dip and dive into graceful poses, gleaned from thousands of years of tradition. There is a floating restaurant with locally prepared foods and a jungle bar. In the kitchen, piles of vegetables, herbs, lemongrass, fruits and grated spice litter the countertops. Containers of oils, condiments and fragrant sauces line up behind bowls of chopped limes oozing with fragrance.

Traveling to far away lands can be a useful education. It gives us a chance to explore places, events, and things both everyday and profound.

Many people's lives can be dull and flat without any fun. Yet, it is within everyone's grasp to choose new adventures. It is up to each and every one of us to decide if we want to take the risks necessary to enjoy life at its fullest.


River Kwai Floating Jungle Rafts is a true getaway. It gives visitors an opportunity to examine what their life is truly all about. Lodgers have time for introspection and can explore subjects as: personal perspectives, self-limiting beliefs, values, simple acts of selflessness, the need for change, gratitude for what they have, lucky breaks, successes, their ups and downs of life, intelligent choices, quality of their relationships, following their dreams and passions, what is true happiness, and so on.

For the most part, visiting this area can open one's eyes to things that we have noticed but until now have not completely understood. Travelers will surely come away with a number of valuable insights.

Thailand and especially the Mon people will steal your heart and will continue to hold it for a very long time. You will feel the sun, hear the movement of the river beneath your room and smell the scent of the gardens and jungles. You will experience wind on your face, brilliant colors crowding in around you, and a freedom you can never forget. This is the liberating quality of the area.

FEATURED PROPERTY: The accommodations of the River Kwai Jungle Rafts, are located at Baan Tahsao, Amphor Saiyoke, Kanchanaburi 70150, Thailand
. The facilities are tranquil and peaceful. More importantly, the service is considered warm, welcoming, and ingratiating.

Upon arrival, the hosts will familiarize guests with the property and the area, then escorts guests to their floating room. This floating jungle hotel is recommended to anyone who wants a good dose of serenity. It is a place where you can enjoy much needed solitude or spend easy times in conversation with good friends.

SUMMARY: The hotel is nestled among the river, jungle and nature of the River Kwai. The location gives visitors a sense of privacy, space and romance. The hotel has a floating restaurant that prepares authentic Thai and international dishes. This along with great service makes for a delightful experience.


ROOMS: The property has two floating wings of 55 rooms designed in the local Mon style. In addition to comfort, the rooms are clean, bright and airy; each uniquely decorated with tasteful regional Mon décor, materials and furniture. They are designed to incorporate nature. Oil lamps light all rooms. There are plenty of patios, decks, and sitting areas with views of the surrounding landscape and gardens.

The inn's ambiance is reflective of the Mon culture. Beautiful woodwork, bamboo, rattan, artwork, flowers, artifacts and fabrics are evident throughout the common areas and provide a glimpse into regional history and culture.

SERVICE: Great service with a warm smile. The local people are well known for their genuine hospitality. The staff is knowledgeable and provides efficient service to all of their guests.

LOCATION: The location is flawless for those who want to get away and feel removed from everyday anxiety and stress. You can hear birds calling in the distance. The inn provides an incomparable sense of traditional relaxed comfort.

VALUE: Compared to a standard hotel room, this property provides excellent value with a sense of jungle retreat ambiance. The rooms are designed to make guests feel relaxed, and comfortable. The personal attention makes the difference. The guests appreciate being asked if they are comfortable. Staff is enormously helpful without being intrusive.